LA Reader, October 14, 1983

John Trubee, Geza X, Gobscheit, Jimmy Smack, Earth Dies Burning. Bebop REcords and Fine Art, 18433 Sherman Way, Reseda, 881-1654. Smart-ass toilet-training humor from Trubee; smart-ass theatrical pop from Geza; tatooed asses, noise, and what passes for poetry and social statements from Gobscheit; art-damaged poetry from synthesizer-toting Smack; and just plain damage from the noise-mongering teens of Earth Dies Burning. Saturday at 9 p.m. Free.

I think that Jeff and I must have walked into BeBop Records and Fine Art not too long after they first opened: Hanging out in record stores was a way we spent a considerable portion of our youth.  Rich Bruland and Rene Engel, the shop’s co-owners, were hung ho when we asked about putting on shows there – yet another example of adults being completely open to these young teenage kids with nothing but gumption.  We put on several shows there – both ones that EDB played at and others.  With the record racks pushed over to the side, BeBop was a fantastic place to see shows – especially for kids in the Valley.


Bebop Records & Fine Art, May 21, 1983

OK, So Clowns of Death is over... Don't stop now, go to Be-bop Records, it's just down the street... And you can see all of the above and hear the raddest, baddest dude sounds 4 Free! Geza X, Earth Dies Burning, John Trubee, Jimmy Smack, Gobscheit
This flyer was most likely designed by Rich Bruland, co-owner of Bebop Records & Fine Art. Bebop was located down the street from the Country Club (maybe it was called Rissmiller’s by then), so probably the Clowns of Death were playing there… Nice try, but probably not a large overlap in audience.