LA Reader, October 14, 1983

John Trubee, Geza X, Gobscheit, Jimmy Smack, Earth Dies Burning. Bebop REcords and Fine Art, 18433 Sherman Way, Reseda, 881-1654. Smart-ass toilet-training humor from Trubee; smart-ass theatrical pop from Geza; tatooed asses, noise, and what passes for poetry and social statements from Gobscheit; art-damaged poetry from synthesizer-toting Smack; and just plain damage from the noise-mongering teens of Earth Dies Burning. Saturday at 9 p.m. Free.

I think that Jeff and I must have walked into BeBop Records and Fine Art not too long after they first opened: Hanging out in record stores was a way we spent a considerable portion of our youth.  Rich Bruland and Rene Engel, the shop’s co-owners, were hung ho when we asked about putting on shows there – yet another example of adults being completely open to these young teenage kids with nothing but gumption.  We put on several shows there – both ones that EDB played at and others.  With the record racks pushed over to the side, BeBop was a fantastic place to see shows – especially for kids in the Valley.


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